Let luxury vinyl flooring change your home

If you'd like to change your home for the better, give luxury vinyl flooring a try. It's a great way to get impressive visuals, durability, and a useful lifespan. With professional installation and regular care, these floors can last 20 years.

Understanding more about the benefits of luxury vinyl means a better choice when you buy. Be sure to match your list of requirements with what you find. And take time to ensure the best fit in every vital area in your home.

Decor matching is easier with LVP and LVT flooring

If you enjoy the look of wood, stone, and tile, then vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring are perfect for you. These materials mimic natural flooring products with outstanding authenticity. And it could be the specific match you need for all your decor.

Consider the vast color and texture options, which mimic what you might see in nature. And be sure to look at the variety of sizes, formats, and installation layouts. When these come together, you can create a custom look that best suits you and your design.

Durability that lasts for a lifespan

One of the best things about LVP and LVT flooring is the level of durability you have access to. These floors resist stains, scratches, dents, fading, and mold growth, to name a few. But they also offer customizable thicknesses, so you'll get the protection you need.

Luxury vinyl flooring also provides complete waterproof protection that brings peace of mind. You'll never have to worry about water damage, even in flood conditions. And the protection stays in place as long as your floors do.

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Benefits for every need

To some homeowners, the fastest installation is essential. Luxury vinyl flooring is quick, easy to install, and easy to clean and maintain. It's a perfect choice for busy homeowners who don't want to spend much time on maintenance and upkeep.

We have the luxury vinyl flooring you need

At Creative Carpet & Supply, Inc., we work hard to maintain an inventory of materials that will serve you well. We also come alongside you for any remodeling project, big or small. And we care about your floors as if they were our own, from start to finish.

Visit our Greenville, OH showroom if you're ready to choose your luxury vinyl flooring. We cater to residents from Greenville, OH, Arcanum, OH, Ansonia, OH, Versailles, OH, and Union City, IN. Our showroom could be your go-to flooring source, so visit when you're in the area.